A woman's spirit is the tree of Life………

Our Joy….

Our Courage….

Our Hope….

Our Love…..

Is Our Relentless Spirit to Care

Even When it Hurts

Join with other women and celebrate the female nature which is our unique Intuitive, Nurturing and Creative Power as we:

Learn to enjoy and love ourselves

Understand and clarify our roles as

Wives, Lovers, Mothers, Sisters, friends

Connect to the gift and power of our vulnerable and sensitive nature

Discover how to create more loving relationships with males

This workshop is designed for women who want to: Connect to & celebrate their unique feminine natures and learn to enjoy and love themselves Understand and clarify their roles as wives, lovers, mothers, friends and career women Open to their female strength, which is vulnerable, intuitive, emotional, nurturing and sensitive Discover how to create more loving relationships with men, embracing our differences.

Ten, one and a half hour, weekly sessions.

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