What if you could resolve conflicts, set boundaries, enjoy your relationships and create communication that works? What if endless arguments and finding fault with one another could be eliminated from your life?

Psychotherapist and Seminar Leader
Expert Healing Relationships

Hello, perhaps you are just browsing or you have some real concerns which you need answers to. I offer you the opportunity to clarify and transform the way that you experience your life.

Your thoughts and feelings shape your view of yourself and your relationships. This distinct view of yourself and the world can bring you peace, love and well being or it can be a view of life that keeps you anxious, depressed and unfulfilled. It is your inner world that must shift and be adjusted to a view that creates for you a life where you are in the driver seat; empowered to enjoy healthy working relationships in every area of your life.

I invite you to experience my comprehensive Inner Healing method that emphasizes education and re-education to activate fulfilling personal habits and behaviors. In each session, you are guided to experience a "safe space within" free of judgement and fear. You learn to clarify and discern your authentic SELF. You access a new world of ACCEPTANCE. This kind of acceptance is not resignation. It is the source of your personal power and love. As this new "listening" increases, you heal old wounds, retrieve the lost self and experience a homecoming with renewed Self trust, Self confidence and Self expression.

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