Private sessions: Each session lasts 55 minutes. These personalized sessions are accompanied with Life Coaching support which Ms. Martin offers via e-mails and phone calls. This is in addition to the one hour sessions which she calls the "safe space." In the safe space individuals exercise their ability to free themselves of judgement and give way to trust with the therapist so that the individual can feel seen, heard and acknowledged. However, as they implement these new behaviors in their daily lives, they need to have the "life coaching" so that they have the necessary support to succeed.

Group sessions: Most group sessions are conducted with families or family members. Marital Therapy as well as her work with Parents and their children. Additionally, Ms. Martin has had great success in having sessions with mothers and daughters, fathers/daughters or sons/sisters/brothers, etc. In a few sessions, the lines of communication are opened up and dialogue and toxic withheld communication begins to disperse.

E-mail sessions: can be set up with Ms. Martin if you are unable to attend a face to face session or are in another state or country. In order to do this you need to contact Ms. Martin directly and she will then provide you with the details.

Phone sessions: can also be set up with Ms. Martin by calling her directly.

Skype sessions: One hour or half hour face to face sessions in the comfort of your office or home. To book contact Ms. Martin directly.

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