We are living in an age in which the parenting guidelines we inherited from our parents are no longer effective. We try to combat resistance, tantrums and rebellion in our children with methods of control or permission which not only damage the natural development of our children, but most importantly, can destroy the most essential foundation for influencing high values and strong moral character, the bond of love between parent and child.

As parents we are no longer just responsible for our childrens' physical needs. We are child developers and our parenting skills need to assure us that we are not only adjusting our children into the social structure, but we are also taking care of their souls. Being present and staying emotionally connected to your child is fundamental for him or her to grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually into his or her uniqueness.

The truth is that we have become frustrated in our ability to parent collaborative and compliant children. We repeat unhealthy patterns in our interactions and become reactive and alienated from the. Our children, in turn, feel not seen, not heard and not acknowledged and so do we.

If you are about to become a parent, are already one or if you are a teacher and would like to have hands on support to increase your ability to communicate effectively with your child, Listening with the Heart is the answer. This is a three part transformative experience in "total parenting." It will assure you a bond of love with your child that will last through all the stages of their development. This program will shift the way you perceive yourself and your child as a parent and will increase you ability to observe, discover, support and guide your children without breaking their will.

Some of the results you will experience are:

  • A new way of Listening and Communicating with your child that will keep you connected and will become the cornerstone of creating a loving and respectful relationship
  • Ability to deal with resistance, temper tantrums and power struggles
  • Strategies for positive discipline
  • Learn what to expect at different stages of their development
  • How to motivate them to develop their unique talents
  • How to instill values systems without being punitive

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