In her upcoming 2 cd set “Listening with the Heart - A Guide for Parents”, Ms Martin offers her insight and experience both as a counselor and a parent. Based on her seminar of the same name, the easy to follow format will be an asset to professionals and parents who desire to increase their understanding of the parenting process.
Deepen your Self-Trust, Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem Your inner trust and ability to love and be loved have been shattered and replaced with fearů Am I good enough? Am I doing it right? Will I be abandoned? Fear that was seeded in your early years, leading you to dim the glow in your childlike gazes and disown your true nature. Over and over again, you have been trying desperately to live up to the image of what you think might please others and gain love and acceptance, only to come up defeated, depleted and empty. In the safe and nurturing environment of this Weekend Semi- nar, you will be gently guided inwards to reconnect with and experience your true nature - The Inner Child - who lives within you, that most of us left behind. Learn to accept, nurture and love yourself Allow yourself to make decisions and take risks that sup- port your life Be assisted to express blocked emotions more freely Let go of destructive behavior patterns Three to five day workshop.

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