All the gifts we need to live a fulfilling and satisfying life are coded within each of us. We are born whole, distinct and complete. Love and connectedness is our birthright. We have four bodies: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. When we enter this physical world we become individualized. The way we are made to feel welcomed and safe by our caregivers will determine how we value ourselves as we move through the stages of our development.

In the western world, most of the attention is given to our physical and mental bodies' training to survive. While many are welcomed into a religious community, rarely are we taught that we are indeed spiritual as well as physical beings. That is, we are born with an innate spiritual connection and wisdom which also needs to be nurtured. Our very fragile emotional body is slowly repressed and our ability to love and trust ourselves is replaced with fear and doubt. This fear and doubt is the result of a disintegration of self rather than an integration and growth of our total self. In order to fit into the world, we will deform our true nature so as to survive or find acceptance. As we grow physically,our spontaneity, imagination, zest, health, and joy for life is drained. The result can be displayed as a physical and psychological disease. This lack of ease shows up in various physical and psychological disorders.

In the safe and nurturing space provided by Dee Martin, you will be guided to observe yourself without judgment. This will open the gateway to permission, safety and exploration. You will begin to detoxify and hear the vulnerable whisper of the Child within your heart. You will be empowered to listen to your feelings and needs with acceptance. As you practice breaking down old negative patterns of behavior, you will give rise to a growing energy, vitality and zest for life. You will slowly not only reconnect to your true nature, through many psychological and spiritual techniques and disciplines, but you will also receive hands on support and guidelines for inner growth: How to set boundaries, How to create healthy working relationships, How to deal with panic and anxiety disorders, lift depression as well as a multitude of other ailments. Ms. Martin's comprehensive methodology will provide you with the tools to rebuild and empower you to regain your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

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